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Looking to join the Selah Freedom team and make an impact? Selah Freedom is one of the most innovative, passionate and rapidly-growing organizations in the country. We are mission driven and care deeply about our team.

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"You often hear people use the phrase, 'it's not about just getting a seat on the bus, but getting the right people in the right seat on the bus.' However, at Selah Freedom, we have created such an amazing and exponential opportunity for growth, we like to say, 'it's about getting a seat on the rocket ship!' It is 100% a passion and a calling, not a job. We look forward to learning if this is the right calling for you!"

-Laurie Swink, Co-Founder/Trainer of Curriculum& Core Values

Who We Are

Selah Freedom’s culture is based on five core values. All staff should embody each of these values completely.



We believe that a team thrives in community where each individual takes complete ownership. Ownership is defined as the ability to immediately, with humility, take responsibility for a situation and move towards resolution. We value individuals who embrace the process that results in mutually beneficial outcomes- benefiting the organization and others.


We value working together to accomplish shared goals to produce greater resources and reward. We see each individual as a gift, with unique talents and purpose. Selah Freedom culture does not allow for competition. When one is truly operating in their gifting each person is being empowered to their highest ability, which allows all to function at their best. Each at their best will complement the other.


We value individuals who choose to walk in gratitude, regardless of circumstances. Showing and feeling appreciation begins with a grateful attitude where nothing is owed or taken for granted. Being thankful for the small and large acts of kindness whether they are earned or given is a high priority. Our gratitude drives our actions.


Clean and direct communication is highly regarded. It requires the strength to have authentic and transparent conversations. This creates unity that produces productivity and team bonding in the organization and the community. We aspire to resolve conflict without hesitation.



Selah Freedom is a fast-paced, high growth environment that attracts an individual who can stay balanced in constant change. Prioritizing family, physical, spiritual, social and career in the proper order creates a healthy, positive individual who can contribute and sustain on all levels.


Join Our Internship Program

Selah Freedom’s intensive internship program gives you hands-on experience. Interns looking for experience in social work, residential care, gender/women’s studies, criminal justice, marketing, undergraduate and graduate levels are a fit for our internship program. We accept interns that are self-motivated, self-guided, and are active participants and facilitators. Interns must be 18 years or older.

Selah Freedom has many opportunities for internships in all five of our programs. We have undergraduate and graduate level opportunities.

Due to the high interest in the internship program, we accept a maximum of five interns per semester: three graduate level interns and two undergraduate level interns.​

If you desire to become an intern with Selah Freedom, you will need to fill out the internship application here.

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