Saving Lives Mentoring Organizations

Selah Freedom is a leading nonprofit organization in the anti-sex trafficking movement. However, we know that we alone cannot end sex trafficking, and we are stronger together. Thus, we developed a fifth program, Selah Consulting, to provide help and guidance in addressing the unique needs and questions organizations have as they prepare to launch their programs and serve this population. Our Consulting Program includes training centers to accelerate learning and provide immersion opportunities virtually. This program will give your organization the tools to feel confident and equipped to serve survivors of sex trafficking.

“Her Song appreciates the opportunity to work alongside Selah Freedom to advance the fight against human trafficking while participating in Selah Freedom’s organizational consulting program. Selah supported Her Song’s journey to grow our infrastructure as we prepare to launch residential programs.”

Some of the questions you may have could be:

  • What steps are needed to open a residential program for sex trafficking survivors?
  • How do you assist survivors when they enter your residential program?

The Hands-On Training & Practical Tools You Need

We will answer these questions and more as we assist in establishing the foundation, framework, and training needed to open a residential program for survivors of sex trafficking – one that is sustainable when the doors open. Selah Freedom assists with policies and procedures, staff training, best practices, phases in the Residential Program, approaches to trauma-informed care, and the necessary components of a viable, sustainable program. Consulting is fee-based and very affordable.

The Consulting program primarily focuses on:

  • Building a sustainable foundation
  • Preparing the framework for the Residential Program

We have trained over 60 organizations in 10 states and three countries to launch their residential programs and provide services to survivors. To learn more, contact