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The Case Against Ghislaine Maxwell

Amid one of the most unprecedented years our of lifetime, headlines involving Jeffrey Epstein’s case regarding sex trafficking have resurfaced as his long-time companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested.

Tuesday, Maxwell pled not guilty to charges by New York state prosecutors that she helped recruit, groom and ultimately sexually abuse and traffic minors as young as 14 years old.

Many speculate that the brit was the mastermind behind Epstein’s abuse and suggest that Price Andrew should be worried.

Maxwell was denied bail on Tuesday by a judge who said she posed a high risk of fleeing before her trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s under-pressure guards must now keep her alive for more than a YEAR in jail ahead of her high-profile trial.

The move has piled huge pressure on those tasked with keeping the 58-year-old alive and well in a Brooklyn jail where it’s been claimed she will face a “crushing experience”.

The former warden of the Metropolitan Detention Center says the Brit should prepare for the worst over the next 12 months as fellow inmates will see attacking her as a “badge of honor”.

As the high-profile trial continues most people speculating whether or not she will be “suicided,” killed on the orders of the elite to make it look like a suicide.

Maxwell’s willingness to speak on exactly who was involved in the sex trafficking ring may or may not change the world as we know it.


As the case continues, we plan to keep our blog updated as we feel this is an important moment in our current world climate regarding human trafficking.

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