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The recent abduction in April of a 15-year-old girl at the Maverick game at American Airlines Stadium in Texas is a grim reminder of the many ways that predators seek unknowing victims, especially minor girls. Thankfully, eight were arrested in May following the girl’s grueling, 11-day ordeal as a sex traffic victim.

Sex trafficking and recruiting is an epidemic in America, and stadiums are only one type of venue used to target and possibly abduct victims. With the upcoming hockey Stanley Cup playoffs in Tampa this week, awareness of potential sex trafficking should be high. As thousands of families attend the games, there is an increased risk of young girls wandering off to public bathrooms and food concessions alone and vulnerable.


We can take many steps to stop human trafficking during the NHL playoffs and elsewhere.:

  • EDUCATE YOURSELF – Learning about human trafficking and the victims typically associated with this crime is the first step to learning about human trafficking. You can start by visiting

  • OPEN YOUR EYES AND BE ON LOOKOUT FOR SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY WHEN AT THE GAMES: When you are at a major event or even at an airport, keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or observe young children and younger teens who are unattended by an adult.

  • ALERT AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY IF YOU SEE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. Stadiums have security guards. If you are in the United States and suspect human trafficking is present in your area, immediately call 911 and let the local authorities do further investigation. You can also call the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline at 1-888-373-7888

  • OFFER ASSISTANCE IF NEEDED. While it’s imperative that you let authorities know, sometimes some situations require immediate assistance. It can be as simple as asking a child or teen if they need help or guiding them to safety. Then, If you are still unsure how to handle the situation, call the on-site and local authorities immediately.

  • GET INVOLVED – When you witness human trafficking, you must break your silence and report any sign of human trafficking or any other crime that exploits young women and even men. Get involved with your local nonprofits who assist and service children and abused teens. Please encourage your children and teens, and other adults in your family to educate themselves and raise awareness about what human trafficking is and how to prevent it.

It only takes one person to make a difference. So why can’t you be that person? With your help, you can bring thousands of people together to end human trafficking once and for all!

Selah Freedom Hotline:1- 888-FREE-ME

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

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